Dr. Alexander Litvinov

14. May 2018

„I am really impressed how much experts I could meet during one evening and one working day. ECP being a short event brings as many professional contacts as several months of daily separate business trips. Sibur, as many big companies, searches for new technologies and products, we are interested to build good relations with innovative centers, startups and spinoffs, and collaborate with them. Sibur focuses on optimizing current processes for polymer materials and petrochemical products, as well as making a step into new trendy areas.

My biggest surprise is that it was just the second European Chemistry Partnering. Chemistry looks to have followed fast moving IT innovators. So it would require lots of efforts from the organizers and all participants to create more value, to build more chemical ventures, to design best products for future.  And I am grateful to Dr. Holger Bengs and his wonderful team for this event and wish all of us big success with next ECP events.”

Dr. Alexander Litvinov, Senior expert Corporate R&D, SIBUR LLC, Russia, Moscow

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