1st ECP - Pitches & Partnering for Business Contacts

Chemistry makes the World go Around

The European Chemistry Partnering is different to other events.

17 unbeatable reasons for your business success

1. Networks at the highest level

The European chemistry partnering is the start for your network in other fields or the expansion at the highest level.

2. Highest Start-up density in one day

At the European Chemistry Partnering, you will find the highest density of innovative chemical Start-ups and SMEs in Europe.

3. Top start in 2018

Start your year with good business opportunities with new business friends from chemistry and neighboring disciplines.

4. For free: partnering included

All participants can use the partnering system free of charge.

5. Top Keynote

Listen to the entrepreneural story and the unique technology of a renowned person from industry.

6. Decision makers are present

Meet many innovation managers and decision-makers from the chemical industry and its user industries.

7. Chemical industry is present

Take the opportunity to engage in business discussions with many companies in just One Day.

8. Each person is an active person

Be a part of the creative cloud of this day – everywhere you will find movers, people who give impulses, door-openers and people with the same interests.

9. Informal network the day before

Join already the informal Get Together on the eve of the ECP Summer Summit – here you are already making new business friends.

10 .Breakfast

Be part of the informal breakfast the morning after the ECP Summer Summit. This new format of the ECP was a great success at the 2nd ECP. This is how you optimally network for your business.

11. Enjoy Internationality

Be a part of an international participating group of top-class people from Europe and the world. At the 2nd ECP more than 500 decision makers from 31 countries participated.

12. Meet people at Speakers Corner

Follow the short presentations of the innovators from start-ups, SMEs and big players – and talk to the speakers right after that at the Speakers Corner.

13. Meet qualified service providers

Meet selected experts in the fields of law, patents, personnel consulting and data security to support your growth.

14. High business density

4 out of 5 participants are from the industry or are investors.

15. Düsseldorf is easy to reach

You can reach Düsseldorf very easily – there and back in just one day- within two flying hours from most European destination, if necessery, however: do not miss the Get Together the evening before and the morning after the ECP Summer Summit.

16. Venue in the Heart of a Big Player of the Industry

You can meet many experts from one of the world’s leading companies in Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA.

17. Business in Greater Düsseldorf Area

Düsseldorf is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the world’s leading clusters in chemistry: Use your participation in the ECP Summer Summit to refresh your existing business contacts in chemistry.

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