CEO and Co-Founder of NBD Nanotechnologies – Miguel Galvez

Miguel Galvez – CEO & Co-Founder of NBD Nanotechnologies Inc.

After earning his Bachelor of Science in 2012 from Boston College in Biology, Miguel Galvez has been active in several companies. Miguel is a highly motivated entrepreneur, inventor & investor passionate about disruptive platform technologies in the fields of chemistry, materials, energy, & pharmaceuticals. With his Company NBD Nanotechnologies founded in 2012 he hired 15 employees with a annual revenue of $2M. As a Venture backed company it has a Series A financing round of $5M and a Series B of $8M. By now the company has commercialized 4 key product portfolios including NanoGlue®, InvisiPrint®, RepelFlex®, and Repelshell® based on NBD’s proprietary POSS silicon chemistry.

Miguel also is Co-Founder & General Partner of SSC Venture Partners for early Stage investments. Within this fund some investments have also been made where he led the diligence and investing. With a strong network through his the co-chair at the Boston College Technology and Entrepreneurship Council, Miguel is well connected to the 1,400 Alumnis.

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