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23 July 2018: German Politician Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart becomes Patron of ECP Summer Summit

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Press Releases

  • Over 600 Partnering discussions at the first European Chemistry
    Partnering Summer Summit (PDF: DE | EN)
  • Minister Andreas Pinkwart is the Patron of the ECP Summer Summit (PDF: DE | EN)
  • 25 September European Chemistry Partnering Summer Summit at Henkel in Düsseldorf official announcement (PDF: DE | EN)
  • 23 February more than 1.200 participants at the 2nd European Chemistry Partnering (PDF: DE | EN)
  • 23 February Chemistry industry innovators from 27 countries will meet at the 2nd European Chemistry Partnering (PDF: DE | EN)
  • 37 Chemical SMEs and Start-ups meet with more than 60 Industry representatives and Investors at the 1st European Chemistry Partnering (PDF: DE | EN)

Press Reports

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