Participating companies at the 2nd ECP Summer Summer Summit: At a glance

Participants from the following countries have registered: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Chile, China, France*, Japan*, Kenia*, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania*, Singapore*, Switzerland, United States of America, The numbers behind the company names indicate the number of participants of this company.

Participants from innovative SME, Industry and Investors

Participants of the 2nd ECP Summer Summit

(Status: 22.08.19)

CompanyISO CodeTypeParticipants*
4GENE GmbHDEStart-up1
A*Star - Institute of chemical and Engineering SciencesSGIndustry & Others*
AlvacatUSIndustry & Others1
Archroma International Ltd.CLIndustry & Others1
Arxum GmbHDEStart-up1
ASM Aerosol-Service AGCHIndustry & Others*
Atotech Deutschalnd GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
b.value biotech AGDEIndustry & Others1
BCM BioEconomy Cluster Management GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
BCNP ConsultantsDEIndustry & Others4
BDC LtdGBStart-up1
Biobased Industries ConsortiumBEIndustry & Others*
Biocampus CologneDEIndustry & Others-*
Biofibre GmbHDESME*
Braskem Europe GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
Brightlands Venture PartnersNLIndustry & Others1
BüfaDEIndustry & Others1
Bundesverband Praktizierender Tierärzte e.V.DEIndustry & Others*
candidum Enzyme DesignDEStart-up*
Cannobe KGDEStart-up1
Capricorn Venture PartnersBEIndustry & Others2
Catalyco SIALVStart-up1
Celonis SEDEIndustry & Others1
ChemanagerDEIndustry & Others-*
Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
Chiracon GmbHDESME1
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbHDEIndustry & Others3
CLIB - Cluster industrielle BiotechnologieDEIndustry & Others1
Commerzbank AGDEIndustry & Others*
Covestro Deutschland AGDEIndustry & Others*
CYBERTECATIndustry & Others1
Daikin Chemical Europe GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
De Causmaecker & PartnerDEIndustry & Others1
Dendropharm GmbHDEStart-up1
Deutsche Börse AGDEIndustry & Others*
Deutsche Messe AGDEIndustry & Others-*
Digital Hub Rhein-Neckar GmbHDEIndustry & Others4
DrugForm Research c/o Johann Wolfgang Goethe UniversitätDEStart-up*
ECTT S.A.ROIndustry & Others*
EFRE-Bicomer / CeBiTec / Bio6DEStart-up2
EnergyCortex GmbHDEStart-up2
eschbach GmbHDEIndustry & Others3
European Patent AttorneyDEIndustry & Others-*
Evonik IndustriesDEIndustry & Others*
Evonik Venture Capital GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
FCF Fox Corpoarate FinanceDEIndustry & Others-*
Fibrothelium GmbHDEStart-up1
FM GlobalUSIndustry & Others-*
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
Fraunhofer ITEMDEIndustry & Others2
GDChDEIndustry & Others-*
Gemini PharmChem Mannheim GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
Group-IPS N.V.BEIndustry & Others3
GRÜNECKER Patent Attorneys and Attorneys-at-LawDEIndustry & Others1
Henkel AG & Co. KGaADEIndustry & Others6
HeraeusDEIndustry & Others-*
High Tech GründerfondsDEIndustry & Others-*
HMA - Hans Moser AssociésFRIndustry & Others*
Hochschule KonstanzDEIndustry & Others*
HQS Quantum Simulations GmbHDEStart-up1
Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre - IBioICENIndustry & Others*
Industrie- und Handelkammer Frankfurt am Main - IHKDEIndustry & Others*
InnoCres ConsultancyDEIndustry & Others1
IPrime Group AssciationCHIndustry & Others1
Isle Utilities GmbHUKIndustry & Others1
Jowat SEDEIndustry & Others1
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie - KITDEIndustry & Others*
Landesbetrieb Landwirtschaft HessenDEIndustry & Others*
LANXESS Deutschland GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
LG Technology Center EuropeDEIndustry & Others1
lifespin GmbHDEStart-up1
Matthias Heitmann JournalistDEPress1
Memetis GmbHDEStart-up2
mk2 BiotechnologiesDEStart-up2
Molecular Health GmbHDESME*
National University of Singapore - NUSSGIndustry & Others*
NBD NanotechnologiesUSSME1
Organoid Technologies GmbHDESME*
Packwise GmbHDEStart-up1
PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbHDEIndustry & Others-*
PolyCareResearch Technology GmbH & Co. KGDESME*
Port of RotterdamNLIndustry & Others1
ProChem GmbHDESME1
PROvendis GmbHDEIndustry & Others2
Pyrum Innovations AGDESME2
qCoat GmbHDEStart-up2
QIAGENDEIndustry & Others2
Quantum on DemandDEStart-up2
QYOBO GmbHDEStart-up2
Rianlon GmbHDESME1
Robert Bosch GmbHDEIndustry & Others*
Roche Holding AGCHIndustry & Others*
RWTH-Aachen University, Lehrstuhl für BiotechnologieDEStart-up6
S. Goldmann GmbH & Co. KGDEIndustry & Others2
SABIC VenturesNLIndustry & Others1
Schalast & PartnerDEIndustry & Others*
SerWarTec GmbHDESME2
solid-chem GmbHDESME1
Symrise Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.DEIndustry & Others*
Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KGDESME2
Tohoku UniversityJPIndustry & Others*
TRION | DynamicsDEStart-up3
UBE Europe GmbHDEIndustry & Others1
United Nations Environment ProgrammeKEIndustry & Others*
Universität Ulm, Institut f. Experimentelle PhysikDEStart-up2
University GlasgowENIndustry & Others*
University of ViennaATIndustry & Others1
Veeva SystemsDESME1
Verhaert New Products & ServicesBEIndustry & Others1
Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann Patent- und Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbBDEIndustry & Others2
WaterVent - funding in the water nexusDEIndustry & Others*
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaADEPress3

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These are the participating companies

Here we publish the already registered participants and the number of participating experts of the respective company. For the the over 500 participants of the 2nd ECP in February 2018 check the 2nd ECP Page. Please find below the list of participants. For a list of the pitching companies please go to Pitches. For a list of the exhibitors please go on Exhibitors.

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