Partnering at 1st ECP

Partnering the KEY to your business SUCCESS

The HEART of ECP is Partnering: Business in an outstanding Chemistry Community

Early registration for ECP Summer Summit increases your chance to get an appointment with very attractive partners.

All registered participants have FREE Accces to the Partnering. Our advise: Register early!

Each Partnering meeting lasts 20 minutes.

The Partnering system will be released approx. 6 weeks ahead of the ECP Summer Summit, 25 September 2018.

All registered participants will automatically receive their Partnering access along with your registration at the ECP Summer Summit.

Your basic data will then be uploaded automatically.

We will inform you.

If you are not registered yet, please do so now because by registering you increase your visibility in the Who-is-Who of the European Chemistry Partnering.

Chemistry makes the world go around